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Alpine Direct

Mining, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Telecom Infrastructure. Alpine Satcom has a solution to connect your remote operations to the rest of the world. 

Alpine Marine

Substantial increases in throughput is realized through higher power transponders, adaptive modulation and strategically located teleports. This results in dramatic reductions in the cost per GByte.

Alpine Smart IoT

The 'smart LNB' is the most flexible and versatile two-way satellite terminal in the market, featuring the most advanced technology in satellite transmission.

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We have 30+ years of experience deploying robust remote communications solutions to remote sites 

Offering the latest and most powerful satellite networks available. Alpine Satcom is a service provider with an innovative and creative approach. While many satcom companies focus on providing traditional, pre-packaged service offerings with inflexible terms and rigid commitments, we distinguish ourselves by providing independent, open architecture, application targeted solutions with terms that meet your business requirements.

Alpine Satcom designs networks with the flexibility, reliability and vision for today’s demands with a clear pathway to the next generation of satellite services and beyond.

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Pipeline Construction & Monitoring

Remote Mining Production

& Exploration

Oil & Gas

Critical Communication Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery and Backup

Marine / Workboat

Remote Construction (Bridge / Road Construction)

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Offering the latest and the most powerful satellite networks available, Alpine Satcom is a service provider with an innovative and creative approach.


+403 819 4419

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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